5 workplace activities that promote health and team cohesion

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If you’re currently searching for team-based activities that will help promote health and well being, and team cohesion in your workplace, continue reading to discover five enriching activities to integrate into your workplace culture. All of which offer a wide variety of benefits for your team members and your business.


Pilates course:


One of the benefits of offering a pilates courses to promote health and team cohesion is that your team members will learn simple pilates moves that will help them stretch various muscles in their backs, legs, arms, shoulders and neck. By practicing pilates, your team members will significantly decrease their chances of developing aches and strains, especially if most of your team members spend most of their workday sitting at their work desks.


Better yet, anyone, no matter their size, flexibility or fitness level, can practice yoga as it’s a gentle exercise. As a bonus, practicing pilates is linked to decreased stress levels, ensuring that your team members will stay calm and focused and communicate more effectively with each other.


Pilates will also help each team member become more mindful and encourage your team members to become more mindful of their bodies. Some of your team members may even increase their confidence and may start contributing innovative ideas to assist with your team’s current projects. In order to offer this to your staff you’ll need someone who completed a Pilates teacher training course and is qualified to give a session.


Massage therapist:


Suppose you pay for a professional massage therapist or a team of massage therapists to massage each of your team members. In that case, your massage therapist or therapists will be able to target your team member’s stiff body parts. After a massage session, you should notice that your team members can more comfortably sit at their work desks. Immensely if they previously suffered from sore lower backs, shoulders or necks.


Remember that if your team members’ bodies feel flexible and pain-free, your team members will be able to work as a team better. When individuals feel healthy and happy, they will have more patience and understanding when working with their fellow team members.


Lastly, your team members will be far happier working for your business if they feel that your business genuinely cares about their health and well being. You may notice that your team members will become more proactive and work more efficiently if they feel valued by your company and enjoy health-related perks such as free regular massage sessions.


Meditation classes:


It’s easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed by their workload or stressed out by the challenges they may face at work. By encouraging your team members to take meditation classes together, your entire team will practice mindfulness together and take a well-needed break from work. Recent scientific studies have proven that most individuals’ energy levels rise after taking a brief break to meditate.

If there are members of your team unfamiliar with meditation, you may want to run a guided meditation session, which will gently lead your team through a relaxing meditation sequence. Alternatively, you may want to use the relaxing music based on a relaxing, rejuvenating meditation session.

One benefit of running meditation classes for your team is that your team members may come up with new solutions to problems that your team may have after meditating.


Cooking classes:


Cooking classes are an enjoyable activity that will help your team members bond better as a cohesive unit, especially if your team members are encouraged to work in pairs or small groups of 3-4 team members.

Secondly, cooking classes are beneficial for your team as your team members will get a chance to learn how to create healthy, nutritious meals which they’ll be able to prepare for their lunches instead of buying unhealthy, fast food. If your team members learn how to make healthier food choices, they’ll boost their energy levels and will be able to work more productively, which is excellent news for your business.

If you host regular cooking classes for your team, it’s a great idea to encourage your team members to switch up their teams from one week to another to get to know each member of their team better. As you should find that if your team currently suffers from clique problems where certain individuals only talk to specific individuals in your team, if you host cooking classes for your team, individuals may start communicating with every team member on a day to day basis.

So if you’re looking for health-focused activities that will increase your team members’ health and well-being and allow you team to work as a cohesive unit, it’s well worth incorporating cooking classes, meditation classes, yoga courses and massage therapy into your workplace.