Risky Business: Safety Tips for Arborists

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Many people who work in arboriculture are at risk of injury or death due to their job. This is why they need to take safety precautions and be aware of common threats. Arborists are usually the first on-site to provide an assessment of a tree’s condition and recommend a plan of action.

Arborist play an important role in public safety and should take necessary precautions to avoid injury. There are a lot of things that could go wrong without arborists. Therefore they should ensure they prioritise their safety. Here are some simple safety tips for arborists:


Wear appropriate clothing

An arborist must wear the right type of clothing during their work. They need to put on something durable that provides protection from debris/splinters but is also lightweight and comfortable.

Additionally, it is beneficial if they wear a hard hat that has been certified by the safety department. Since hard hats can break or become dented, it is important to have a backup hat with which the arborist can switch out.


Protect the body

Arborists are at risk of injury when they climb trees, especially if it is a dangerous type of tree. They could become injured if they fall from a height, get cut by the saw, or tangled in the ropes and harnesses that hold them in place.

Therefore, the arborist needs to protect their body with safety gear whenever they are working in trees. For example, they need to wear a harness attached to the tree and roped up for safety.


Inspect tools before use

Arborists need to have the right tools for their job. They need a chainsaw that is in working condition and sharp, but they also need other equipment such as a ladder, pole saw, and rope.

The arborist needs to inspect all of these tools before use to ensure that they are safe to use and work properly.


Use caution when climbing trees.

The arborist needs to be aware of how they are climbing up the tree. They need to have a clear path for their ascent and watch out for any hazards that could prevent their climb.

For instance, an arborist Melbourne should look out for weak areas or point out dead branches since they could fall off. Additionally, they should try to avoid going under a branch that has been damaged as it could break at any moment.


Make sure support is available.

When working in a tree, the arborist should always have help if they need it. This may be from their crew or the client who requested their services, but support must be available. If an arborist needs to stop working to rest or go to the bathroom, a replacement/assistant should be there.


Prioritise safety above all else

Before doing anything in a tree, an arborist should prioritise their safety. This means that they need to make sure the area is safe and free of hazards before moving on to the next task. Additionally, an arborist should always wear their safety gear and follow proper procedures as much as possible.

There are many hazards during tree care work, so arborists need to know how to stay safe at all times. The number one risk for arborists is falling out of trees, so it is important to use fall protection equipment. Arborists should wear proper footwear, use the right tools for each job, and always know their equipment location.

The role of arborists is vital to the environment, so they will always be in demand. They have to ensure their safety as well as that of those around them at all times. Distractions are not part of the job since they can be costly.