Professional Window Cleaning: Workplace Safety

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One of the most eye-catching things about a building is its cleanliness. You can never forget how spotless the floors were and the windows clean and shining that you can see your reflection, and if it’s on a top floor, you find yourself wondering whether or not there is a window there. Spotless windows reflect something positive about a place, whether it is a home or business. No one would go into a store and shop happily when the windows are too dirty and ugly or sit comfortably in such a home.

A clean and healthy environment is a mandatory requirement for any company to provide for its employees. The majority of people would not be willing to work in a place that looks dirty and hazardous to them. They would instead seek employment elsewhere. As an employer, this would also not go well with the labour office, and they will be after you for violating mandatory legal requirements. The best move is to get a professional window cleaning company that will handle cleaning the windows in the workplace.

Most window cleaning companies offer an all-rounded service when it comes to workplace cleaning. They always have a professional window cleaner in their team whose primary focus will be on the windows. This is mainly to ensure that the job is appropriately done and proper safety measures are adhered to, especially if the windows are hard to reach.

There is the risk of an accident when trying to clean windows that are way up; someone can fall and get injured seriously. An injury will be another legal implication to the employer and all those involved. Therefore, when looking for a window cleaning company, ensure that you inquire about their safety measures regarding specific cleaning tasks.

As a client, you also have a legal responsibility to ensure that you engage a company that abides by the law. Any professional window cleaner is at risk, and these risks are not limited to personal injury alone. When it comes to the law, your position as a client will not matter; there is the public liability bit of it that will affect you. You have to put proper measures in place to provide a safe workplace for any professional window cleaner at your premises. This part of the responsibility ensures that the window cleaning company has an appropriate public liability insurance cover.

They may also cause damage to your property, and you will need this damage catered for by the window cleaning company. The window cleaning company must be able to pay for the damages. You may have noticed that most professional window cleaners tend to use ladders during their work execution. The ladders can slide and cause a fall, injuring the cleaner, making them unable to work anymore. The worst-case scenario is when the fall is fatal, and loss of life occurs. You can be held liable. The costs of such a case are substantial and will undoubtedly take a toll on you financially.

You need to be thorough and read the fine prints before engaging any window cleaning company. Ensure that you go through the fine prints of the contracts before signing. You must make all the essential queries while asking for proof of the same. You can request for them to be included in the contract. The significant factors that the cleaning companies must have are:

  • Public Insurance liability
  • Proper Cleaning Equipment
  • Safety Gear for their cleaners
  • Fully Registered
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Clean track record

Many businesses prefer to hire window cleaning services companies because it is less risky on their part. It saves you time for training, orientation, and recruiting. When it comes to workplace safety, it is essential that you only engage the best.

An excellent professional window cleaner also knows the benefits of planning before commencing any work and ensuring that all safety practices and procedures are in place. Prior planning will help in the prevention of accidents or injuries while on duty. They need to ensure that the pieces of equipment are in tip-top shape. They also have to know how to operate the equipment correctly and go for necessary training. A site assessment is also crucial since they will identify any potential hazards and develop strategies to prevent them. The review will help avoid a lot of possible accidents and guarantee a safer working environment.